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The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew

The Organized Mom “Simplify Life For You and Baby, One Step At A Time”
by Stacey Crew, Founder of the GOPACK® Method
Review by Yvonnie Ametin

I’ve read quiet a few baby resource books through the years.  I was never interested in the vast resources of organizing for Mommy books, because with three little ones I was more concerned with the details of our day to day activities and duties.  Also the words being organized and multiple toddlers don’t altogether go hand-in-hand.  I always felt getting things done was more important than an organized household … then, I picked up Stacey Crew’s The Organized Mom.

Stacey Crew is the founder of the GoPack ® Method and wow was I impressed by her logic.  Her no nonsense room by room approach, and how being organized is important to getting the most of your real estate investment is something a busy working mom appreciates, can relate to, and implement.

Crew writes, “When I started writing this book, my daughters were two and almost five.  And now, my little one just turned nine and my oldest is in sixth grade.  What I know for sure is that time passes quickly and the more organized you are, the more you are able to enjoy the precious and fleeting time you have with your baby in many ways, I feel like I blinked and the time was gone…So why do you need this book? Because it is filled with simple, smart ideas you can apply right now…So much of parenthood is dealing with the unexpected events in any given day – this book will help you manage everything else.”

My favorite lesson in The Organized Mom has taught me to be very aware of how much unorganized, and underutilized space costs.  What do I mean?  Let me explain.  Before real estate plummeted the cost of real estate on Key West was significant.  If you live in any major city the cost of real estate or rent can be significant.

In 2003 my husband was single and he bought a two bedroom condo for $349,000 (this was at the height of real estate where (on the low end) the average cost of a single family home in the Keys was $500,000 and this was probably a fixer upper.)

Let’s say:

Condo Square Footage:  850 square feet;

Condo Cost: $349,000.00

Cost of Square Footage per Square Food $410.58

Condo has three closets totaling = 40 sqft  (8×2=16 sqft; 7×2, = 14 sqft; 5×2 =  10 sqft)

Cost of Closet Space per Square Foot  = $16,423.20

I work with numbers and this hit home.  I thought to myself I’ve got boxes of stuff, things, clothes that I haven’t seen in months do I really need to have that stuff in my valuable closet space?  I systematically applied Crew’s instructions and cleaned out the closets to utilize the space efficiently.  I went through kitchen cabinets, and any form of storage space-making the most of the space…in my mind, the closet space was worth almost $20,000 (not just $16,423.20) if I also included unorganized kitchen cabinets under counter tops, unorganized dresser drawers, and file cabinet space.

I no longer wanted just stuff in my house.  Everything that came into our home needed to have a space and a place.

If you rent an apartment or a home do the math…it may not be in the $1000s…but your cluttered, closet, floor, unusable storage space may actually be costing half your rent.

Another valuable lesson I took from The Organized Mom, is that you ask a friend to help you organize.  I resisted this because I just didn’t want to bother anyone, but thank goodness I have a girlfriend who just wanted to help.  Having a friend that’s not emotionally attached to your personal things is a great help to getting organized.

The Organized Mom by Stacey Crew is a great resource for any mom, or non-mom to get it together.  I only highlighted two of the many, many valuable points made throughout this book. The book is enlightening, witty, and enjoyable. Crew shares mom expert, tips, ideas, and concepts to help us all get organized.


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