How to get the green baby gifts you want.

How to have a green baby shower and get the green gifts you want.

New mothers have a lot on their mind, and one aspect of having a baby that they usually don’t have to worry about is the planning of a baby shower.  Why? Traditionally, a close friend or family member takes charge of this event.

Just because a new mother “to be” requests’ that her party planner plan a green baby shower: invitations on recycled paper, or better yet send out e-vites, serve organic food during the party, and list gift registries at only organic and eco-friendly websites does not mean that people get it.  It’s unfortunate they don’t get it, and it’s also unfortunate that new mothers may not really get it either.

Why do I say this?  Am I generalizing?  Maybe…but I’ve got some examples to prove my point. The first and most intriguing example I found was on Google:

I Goggled: “How to have a green baby shower” I got over 3,370,000 results…as I viewed each page there were articles after articles, and blogs after blogs on, “How to have a green baby shower…gift ideas…stores to buy from…what to buy.”

Then I Goggled: “ Why a green baby shower” I got 3,260,000 results with the same top 10 listings; the 10 listings were ordered differently but the listing were the same providing gift ideas…stores to buy from…what to buy .

My second example, oddly enough is soap: 

I started using biokleen several months ago because a friend recommended it. It started when my husband and I got into a disagreement because I wouldn’t buy a detergent that was on special.  The special was 2 bottles of detergent for $8.00, which was a really great deal for this particular detergent. I wouldn’t buy the two bottle special, because I didn’t want to be part of the waste of buying more for less at the cost of the environment.  I chose to buy the larger version of the detergent that cost more and required less plastic for distribution.

The advice from a friend has been life altering.  My friend told me that there are many factors why liquid laundry detergent is more expensive, but one significant factor was that I was paying for the water.  My friend told me that I needed to stop using liquid laundry detergent.  My friend recommended biokleen, and I use a minuscule amount of laundry detergent now.  Biokleen comes in a recyclable container.  See picture – I’ve included a scooper in picture – a load of laundry only requires up to ¼ line on the scooper – which is less than ¼ of the entire scooper.  It’s crazy.  Biokleen saves my family money, it saves water, and it comes in a recyclable package.

It may seem weird, but oddly enough, the Google search and the soap example are steps that will help you in having a green baby shower, and get the green gifts you want.

We know that “How to have a green baby shower,” and “Why a green baby shower?” do not mean the same thing.  It’s unfortunate that the same answers provided in my two Google searches provided the same answers for two completely different topics.  Having a green baby shower, and why you should have a green baby shower is not just about what to buy, and where to buy it.  It’s about promoting a mother’s/family’s decision to become more conscientious with what they want to provide for their new baby.

If you are asking your guests to buy organic, and eco-friendly items as baby shower gifts, have them know you are truly sincere, and conscious of your choices.  Don’t have a green baby shower because there are 3,370,000 articles, and blogs on Google telling you to.  Do it because you mean it, and it’s not just a theme for a party.

How do you have a real green baby shower?  Help your party planner prepare your guests.  Don’t just surprise them with an invite with a registry of foreign gift ideas.

  1. Send out e-mail blasts and article links on why wooden toys are best for baby, and the environment; explain why no plastic gifts are preferred.
  2. Put organic news such as recipes on your Facebook page.
  3. Send out an e-mail about something you thought was interesting and green.
  4. Let your guest know that you are serious if they don’t know already.
  5. Used children DVDs and clothing should be welcomed…it’s truly being green.
  6. Share articles of why organic is best for new born babies.
  7. Organic items such as clothing and bedding are expensive, and baby shower gifts help offset the cost of these items.  Help your guest understand why organic cotton is best for newborn babies.
  8. Ask for eco-friendly detergents, and cleaners – if you are asking your guests to buy organic clothing for your baby this means that you have committed to using non-toxic laundry detergents and cleaners, and that means no more bleach on irremovable stains.

In conclusion I hope these examples have helped you become a more conscious green giver, and a more informed mother-to-be who wants green gifts for your baby.  Going green for anyone, not only expecting families, involves life altering  and major choice changes.  Yes, green products are more expensive, but this just means to buy less.  Any green mother-to-be should understand this, and will appreciate the care, and thought you gave when you purchased your green baby gift for their special baby.


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