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Find eco friendly products and services “Buy Green, Sell Green, Be Green”

I found greenpeople.org last year when I was researching organic things.  I thought it was a great resource then, and I think it’s an even greater resource now, because so many more businesses have joined the organization to promote their green businesses.  Key West Baby is listed.  It’s a friendly, inexpensive place to list your green business.  I’ve copied and pasted content from their web site here to share.

Founded in 1998 GreenPeople.org is an online directory of eco-friendly businesses, organizations events.  How cool is that?

GreenPeople considers itself a “community service.”

GreenPeople.org Mission Statement:

  1. To create a more compassionate world.
  2. To practice honesty in business.
  3. To help like-minded people meet, network, support and empower each other to help us reach our potential.
  4. To make a fair profit.
  5. To influence the socio-economic and political agenda calling for safety, fairness, justice, environmental protection, health care for all, accurate product labeling, and the removal corporate control from our society.

Spend sometime looking at the site you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find “like” stores all in one place instead of scrambling, and searching on the internet.


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Category : Blog &Why Organic